Honda is recalling 2013-2015 CBR500R and CB500F models because of a defective fuel level sensor. The CB500X is not affected as it has a different, larger fuel tank than its 500-series siblings.

According to Honda, the fuel level sensor float arm holder on certain models may deform, allowing the arm to break off from the sensor body. At the very least, this would cause an inaccurate fuel meter but there is also a risk that the arm may contact both the positive and negative terminals at the base of the fuel pump, causing a short that could blow a fuse, resulting in an engine stall.

Honda dealers will replace the fuel level sensors on affected motorcycles.

As of this writing, the recall has not been formally announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and we do not know how many motorcycles in the U.S. are affected. Transport Canada has announced a recall for north of the border, affecting 3,376 units. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has also announced a recall but did not specify how many units are affected.

[Source: Honda, Transport Canada, ACCC]