Only moments ago today, August 4, 2015, has been given exclusive notification that Thomas Tomczyk has broken the Guinness world record for the longest electric motorcycle ride ever, clocking a GPS-verified 12,644 kilometers (7856 miles) aboard his 2012 Zero S as he rode into Honda, Columbia.

The distance counter in the upper right corner of Tomczyk's GPS confirms the new e-bike mileage record.

The distance counter in the upper right corner of Tomczyk’s GPS confirms the new e-bike mileage record.

The feat is impressive in its own right, but Tomczyk isn’t done yet. His plan is to ride from the United States to Patagonia, at the southern tip of South America, which means he still has more than 6000 kilometers to go.

Traveling long distances on an electric motorcycle presents its own set of unique challenges, range and charge times being chief among them. Several stops are required along the way, some as long as two hours. Even then, his Zero’s range only allows him rides of about 200 miles a day, or 90 miles in a single stretch. Not to mention in South America parts for a Zero can be hard to come by, and competent mechanics even more so. To date, Thomas has had charge stops at jails, schools, museums, homes, garages and coffee shops, just to name a few locations.

Tomczyk’s story is a unique one, and he is making a documentary to help show what it’s like to travel farther than any electric bike has before. he has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get funding for that project. Click on the link to learn more or to donate to his cause.

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