July 27, 2015
| On 6 years ago

Casey Stoner’s Crash at Suzuka 8 Hour + Video

Former MotoGP Champion Casey Stoner suffered a serious crash during the Suzuka 8 Hour, breaking his right shoulder blade and left ankle. The crash occurred on the approach the sharp Suzuka Hairpin on Stoner’s first turn on the Team MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO Honda CBR1000RR.

Stoner took over for the team’s starter, Takumi Takahashi after 24 laps. Takahashi entered the pits in second place before passing the bike over to Stoner. The 2007 and 2011 MotoGP Champion worked his way into the lead on his first lap before the crash:

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From the 20-second mark in the video, the CBR seemed to shudder a bit before Stoner starts running wide on the right turn. Stoner tucks in the front end when he hits the grass leading to a dramatic tumble through a barrier.

“Unfortunately, we experienced some mechanical trouble as I was going through the corner leading up to the hairpin,” says Stoner. “I did not have enough time to engage the clutch and I came in with too much speed, I picked the bike up to try to slow down more but I was heading towards the wall so I decided to lay it over and hit the barrier but unfortunately, they were a lot harder than they looked and we came out of it with a broken bone in the ankle and broken scapular.”

[Source: HRC, FIM EWC (YouTube)]