Following the announcement of Yamaha’s new, retro-inspired XSR700, it has also been announced that Pirelli will fit the new bike with its Phantom Sportscomp tires. Front tire size will be 120/70-17, with a 180/55-17 in the rear.

According to a Pirelli press release, the Phantom Sportscomp tires were chosen for “the tire’s perfect mix of vintage looks and contemporary technology.” In addition to the sizes above, the Sportscomp tires are also available in 100/90-18 front, and 150/70-17 rear, and starting in August, the same sizes seen on the XSR700 will be available with a W speed index, for use on vintage bikes as well as naked or sporty bikes.

The Sportscomp tires utilize a steel-belted construction to help minimize expansion and deformation at speed. Also, the profile has been modified to be more rounded than past versions. Lastly, the Sportscomp have a high silica percentage to help ensure fast warm-up times and better grip in the wet.