One of the joys of riding a motorcycle is being out in the open, breathing in the fresh air as the miles roll by. This is all well and good, except when you ride through clouds of dust, a truck’s exhaust fumes, or any other number of particles in the air that, at best, could get your allergies flaring like crazy.

RZ Industries hopes to help riders breathe fresher air with this, its $34.95 M2 Mesh Air Filtration Mask. This patent-pending piece of technical headwear captures dust, allergens and other hazardous airborne elements in all conditions with an active carbon HEPA filter, allowing riders, drivers and passengers to breathe safe and easy.

The air cleaner’s durable, abrasion-resistant nylon mesh construction provides maximum airflow for warmer rides, while a form-fitting, streamlined shape ensures that it fits easily under helmets. An elastic strap offers three inches of adjustability, and a tension-adjustable riveted nosepiece helps keep the mask firmly in place.

Exhaust valves on the left and right effectively expel moisture, keeping the M2’s interior dry, goggles fog-free and glasses clear.

The M2’s F1 HEPA filter captures particulates and fumes with a 3-ply construction by sandwiching activated charcoal between filter material. The high-tech filter is secured by a twist seal that locks it in place. It lasts up to eight hours in prolonged dust exposure. Replacement filters come in convenient 3-packs.

RZ Industries’ Mesh Mask is available in black or gray in three sizes: Youth (up to 125 lbs.); Regular (125 lbs. to 225 lbs.) and XL (more than 225 lbs.). Every RZ Industries product is backed by a 30-day performance guarantee.

For more information on RZ Industries’ innovative product line, please visit, call 888-777-9422, visit its active Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter feed.