In its quest to become a major player in the global electric motorcycle field, Energica has today announced a partnership with its newest dealership, Hollywood Electrics in Southern California.

Since 2009, Hollywood Electrics has risen to become the largest electric motorcycle dealership in the world, and owner Harlan Flagg is excited about the new partnership.

In Energica’s press release, Flagg says, “The Energica Ego Superbike offers incredible performance in a beautiful package and we are excited to offer such a fantastic bike to our customers.”

Flagg should be a familiar name to MO readers, as he’s helped with numerous e-bike stories we’ve conducted, including our most recent Life Electric feature.

For Energica’s part, representatives state that the production line is steadily flowing and the company is on target to make its first deliveries within the month of July. Its flagship model, the Ego, boasts performance claims rivaling 600cc supersport machines and a fast-charge option that can replenish the bike in just 30 minutes.

Further, Energica’s Swiss dealer recently completed a 1952-mile journey during the 2015 Wave Trophy and its Dutch dealer is currently completing a tour around the Netherlands to prove the bike’s reliability.

Plus, in addition to Hollywood Electrics, new dealers in Portugal and Germany signal the company’s continued growth.

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