Road rage. Most of us have felt it at some point, but most of us realize there are bigger things to get worked up about than someone cutting you off in traffic. But sometimes, road rage goes beyond the flipping of birds and uttering of curse words. That brings us to an incident that took place this past weekend in Yuma, Ariz., when an angry driver confronts a motorcyclist and his passenger for lanesplitting.

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The couple admits they lane split, which is illegal in Arizona, but that doesn’t excuse the driver for coming after them with fists-a-flying. The motorcyclist showed some restraint, all things considered, pinning the driver to the ground and trying to calm him down.

Here’s a snippet of their exchange, from the 1:50 mark of the video:

Motorcyclist: Dude, I did nothing to you.
Driver: Yeah. You just broke the law.
Motorcyclist: I went in between you on the road?
Driver: Yep.
Motorcyclist: And you’re gonna punch me and assault me for that?
Driver: Yep.
Motorcyclist: And you think that’s the right thing to do?
Driver: …

From the video’s description, the driver hurt his ankle in the fall and now faces multiple charges.