If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Portugal this week, make certain to roll in to the 34th Faro Motorcycle Rally. Victory will be there celebrating its intro into the country by serving cold beer to Victory riders at the Victory booth on Friday and Saturday nights. On Sunday, July 19th Victory will raffle a new Boardwalk model on the festival’s mains stage.

Now in its 34th year, the Faro Motorcycle Rally (AKA Faro 34) is the biggest biker gathering in Southern Europe and draws in around 20,000 bikers from Thursday morning through to Sunday night. Highlights include: 24-hour bars, live nightly concerts, erotic shows, wet T-shirt contests, bike shows, trade stands, tattoo stands and contests, camping.

Now that Sounds like a good damn party!

“The atmosphere is the perfect mix of hospitality, good music, terrific weather and incredible views for riders passing through the Algarve region in the South of Portugal,” explains Indian Motorcycle marketing specialist, Miriam Torrens, who is manning the Indian Motorcycle booth over the four-day-long rally.

She adds: “The rally takes place just a few kilometres away from the sea where you can enjoy the best seafood in the region. These are the ingredients that have drawn thousands of bikers over the years, mainly from Portugal, Spain and the UK, but also from the Netherlands, France and Germany.”

Victory’s range of motorcycles went on sale for the first time in Portugal earlier this year, so the brand is looking forward to being at the rally and meeting new owners over the four days.

Entry price is 45 Euros for all four days and includes coupons for free meals, an official goody bag containing a T-shirt, rally badge, sticker and tickets to win a new motorcycle and a week in Daytona. Entry is also available from 2pm onwards on Saturday for 30 Euros, but this does not include the meal coupons or the draw tickets.

For more information check out www.motoclubefaro.pt.