Bel-Ray’s EXS Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil is the brand’s highest performing synthetic engine oil for multi-cylinder touring, sport and racing motorcycles.

Bel-Ray EXS Synthetic Ester 4T Engine OilEngineered to provide maximum protection and performance both on track and on the street, EXS Synthetic Ester 4T features a high viscosity – 10W-50 – to better handle stress under high temps and high rpm. Proprietary additives provide further anti-wear protection to help reduce cylinder and piston ring wear and extend bearing life.

Engine performance is also maximized through EXS’ superior deposit control. The synthetic ester engine oil is formulated to clean and prevent deposits known to reduce engine horsepower and torque, including carbon build-up in piston ring lands and grooves as well as sludge and varnish formation.

EXS’s Synthetic Ester 4T also claims to provide smoother power transfer in bikes with a wet clutch. Bel-Ray’s formulation prevents harsh clutch grabbing and jerky engagement, providing more efficient and controlled clutch operation and gear changes.

Bel-Ray EXS Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil is suited for use in all air and liquid cooled four stroke engines requiring an oil meeting API SG/SH/SJ/SL/SM standards, including motorcycles with or without wet clutches specifying a JASO MA/MA2 qualified oil. EXS is available in four different viscosities – 5W-40, 10W-40, 10W-50 and 15W-50 – in both one and four liter bottles.

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