It’s not often we go riding around tooting our own horn (except for when in a tunnel, then you just gotta), but everyone at is proud of passing a popularity milestone of 100k Facebook “Likes.” We’d like to individually thank each one of the 100,308 – and counting – fans of our Facebook page, but the boss is only lifting the yoke enough to post this sweeping appreciation News post. Rest assured, each one of you owns a little piece of our hearts.

Although is the oldest online motorcycle publication, we were a little slow to climb aboard the social media bandwagon. We were already popular so why bother? A few years ago editors Siahaan and Roderick took it upon themselves to see who could outdo the other in the popularity of their individual Facebook postings. Facebook “Likes” began increasing. The VerticalScope mothership then created a bonafide social media department and took control of our social media destiny. Since then the “Likes” have been piling-on exponentially.

Look for another letter of appreciation when we reach the quarter-million mark which, at the rate we’re going, shouldn’t be too long from now. Until then, we again thank you for “Liking” us. We promise to continue producing the insightful, entertaining and irreverent content you’ve come to expect from MO.