Kawasaki and Jason Pridmore’s STAR School have announced their agreement to name the Kawasaki Ninja as the school’s official motorcycle. In the over 30 STAR courses offered annually, all students and instructors will ride Ninjas, ranging from the Ninja 300 to the Ninja ZX–10R.

“I’m so happy that STAR Motorcycle School and Kawasaki have aligned for this year and into 2016,” said Jason Pridmore. “The Ninja started it all for me as I won my first AMA National on a ZX-7R in 1992. We are both so excited to collaborate on educating all levels of riders throughout the industry. STAR’s ‘Next Generation Motorcycle Training’ program has many new features and on top of that we have 20 new Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles for all to come and enjoy.”

For over 17 years, STAR Motorcycle School has helped riders become safer, more proficient riders. In the process, STAR has been praised by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and given MSF insurance discounts to graduates of the STAR courses. Also, Pridmore acts as the official motorcycle safety trainer for the Marine Corps Semper Ride program. STAR School discount rates will be offered to Kawasaki dealers and owners who want to attend the school.

“All of us at Kawasaki couldn’t be happier to team up with Jason Pridmore and the STAR School,” said Marketing VP Chris Brull. “Jason has been in the motorcycle training business for over 17 years and has proven to be one of the most influential ambassadors for motorcycle safety in this industry. His passion for riding extends to the Kawasaki Ninja line, where both he and his father have a history of racing success. We look forward to collaborating with him and the STAR Motorcycle School to achieve our shared goals.”

To learn more or sign up for the STAR Motorcycle School, visit the website.