Known for marching to the beat of a different drummer, Morgan Motor Company has decided to put a new wrinkle into its three-wheeled rolling art piece. We tested the 1983cc, four-valve S&S X-Wedge-powered three wheeler, last year, and were quite fond of it – even with the as-tested price of $60,734.37. Well, Morgan has taken the same retro design and thrust it into the future. The EV3 prototype has no beefy V-Twin displayed at the front of the vehicle. Instead, the single rear wheel is powered by a 60 hp electric motor.

Morgan 3 Wheeler Review

The Morgan EV3 is the second electric concept vehicle produced by the company. The EV3 is undergoing the full raft of testing and development with an expected production date sometime in late 2016. Looking like a 1950’s vision of a futuristic vehicle, the EV3’s weighs a claimed 992 lb. – less than it’s ICE-powered sibling. Range is expected to be around 150 miles.

Morgan EV3 Prototype

Morgan EV3 Prototype

Price has not been set, but expect it to be as pricey as the Morgan 3 Wheeler since each bespoke unit will be hand-built to custom specifications.

The EV3 was introduced publicly at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend.