Ducati bills the Multistrada as four bikes in one, being able to carve through the city, blast down the highway, slice through a twisty road, and even soldier on when the pavement stops and the dirt begins. To prove it, Ducati and Jamie Robinson, a former British racing champion and skilled rider in all disciplines, are taking a stock Multistrada 1200, and will ride it from Los Angeles, across Nevada, and through some shortcuts in Utah, en route to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where Robinson will then stick some numbers on the bike and race it up the hill on Sunday, July 28.

The Multistrada holds the course record at Pikes Peak and has taken the top spot on the podium multiple times. Now, Robinson will put versatility of a virtually untouched Multistrada to the test.

“I’ve raced all over the world on all types of motor bikes and the Multistrada is one of the fastest, comfortable and most capable motorcycles I’ve ever ridden,” said Robinson. “We thought that taking a Multistrada right out of the showroom, riding it all the way from Los Angeles to race in Pikes Peak and then riding back home, would be a great way to show the world what the bike can do!”

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