UPDATE: Thanks to our readers who identified the mystery patent as the NXR160 offered by Honda in Brazil.

Honda has filed a patent in Europe for the design of the NXR160, a small-displacement supermoto-style motorcycle the company introduced in Brazil late last year. The patent application, however, was filed March 31 with the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, months after the Brazilian introduction, suggesting Honda may offer the NXR160 in Europe.

The NXR160 adopts distinctly CRF-style bodywork and its frame appears similar to the semi-double cradle steel frame used on Honda’s CRF150F (as illustrated in the animated GIF below) and CRF230F off-road bikes, so it’s not unreasonable to expect Honda to adopt the CRF name if it does introduce it to Europe.


If Honda does offer the NXR in Europe, it’s unclear if it’ll use the same engine as the Brazilian model is a flex-fuel vehicle designed to run on either gasoline or ethanol. According to Honda Brazil, the NXR160 produces 14.3 hp at 8500 and 10.5 lb-ft. at 5500 rpm when running on gas but with ethanol, the engine claims 14.5 hp and 11.6 lb-ft.


[Source: OHIM]