James Hillier and the Kawasaki Ninja H2R completed a parade lap of the Isle of Man’s Mountain Course, registering a GPS-measured top speed of 206 mph. Achieved along the course’s 1.5-mile Sulby straight, the 206 mph speed claims to be the fastest speed ever recorded by a motorcycle on a closed road at the Isle of Man TT.


The H2R was originally scheduled to be part of a larger parade lap including several World Superbike racers but event organizers decided instead to let Hillier ride on his own, pushing the supercharged sportbike to its limits – or Hillier’s.

“That was insane, simply insane,” Hillier later told Manx Radio. “The first four gears are just over in a flash and the acceleration is mental.


“It was fast everywhere and over the mountain, well, it was simply incredible. I had my cycling app Strava switched on for the whole lap and down Sulby straight I gave it full gas in top gear and it topped out at over 206mph … Wow!”

Here are a few videos of the H2R along various parts of the track:

[Source: IOMTT]