In 2006, Ted Dillard had his first experience with an electric motorcycle: the Killacycle, a battery-powered drag bike. It completely blew his mind, and from that moment on Dillard became obsessed with electric motorcycles and the technology behind them.

Electric motorsports are rapidly changing, at a rate that might alarm many internal combustion purists. And while the history of electric bikes is no doubt interesting, Dillard is attempting to write a book on “how the power delivery of a high-performance, no-compromise, pure-electric drivetrain can redefine transportation, motorsports and the perception of renewable energy.” The book’s title: Power in Flux.

In his roughly 250-page book, Dillard starts with the early history of electric motorcycles, moves to batteries and the ancillary tech, covers the big names in the industry, then moves on to student-run teams, brands, racing, and much more.

Writing a book and having it published isn’t free, however. In order to successfully complete his project, Dillard is hoping to raise $10,000 with the help of the Kickstarter community. Click here to go directly to his Kickstarter campaign, where you can learn more about the book, the challenges he faces, and also the rewards backers will get for certain denominations. You can also donate to the cause from there as well. The project will be open until July 1, at 2:33am.