On Sunday, July 12, motorcyclists will demonstrate the efficiency and functionality of their machines by competing in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge during AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

Vetter will compete in the challenge and invites all motorcyclists to join him in the 77-mile ride from the Mid-Ohio race track to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio, where the challenge participants will help celebrate the museum’s 25th anniversary. After a tour of the facility’s exhibits, the fuel-economy challengers will complete their ride back to the track.

“On Sunday morning, we will compete to see who can consume the least energy while travelling the way we really ride,” Vetter said. “Gasoline, diesel and electric-powered machines will ride together at posted speeds. The winner will be the one who consumes the least fuel as measured in dollars.”


Alan Smith is building a new Low-Boy Ninja 250 streamliner.

In 2014, Alan Smith won the traditional fuels category by getting 181.6 miles per gallon, which translated to 1.57 cents per mile. Fred Hayes won the Diesel class with 178 miles per gallon, or 1.85 cents per mile. Prof. Richard Goff with his electric motorcycle ran out of juice with 15 miles remaining. Had he finished, it would have cost him just 1.38 cents per mile.

With the different categories of bikes so close in performance, Vetter said that the 2015 challenge title is up for grabs.

“It’s exciting to see who can go the farthest on the least fuel,” Vetter said. “Buy your tickets and come to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days to see who wins. Even better, ride with us, get a glimpse of the future and be a part of the fun.”

Vetter also will conduct a seminar, “Fuel Challenges,” on Saturday afternoon at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame seminar tent. Many of the challenge participants and their machines will be there.

After Vetter’s seminar, there will be a riders’ meeting for competitors at 5 p.m. behind the nearby Splash Harbor Comfort Inn. The Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge will depart from Splash Harbor Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Winners will be posted at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame seminar tent and on Vetter’s website.

vintageThere is no charge to participate in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge, but riders must have tickets to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Additional rules and details about the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge are available at craigvetter.com.

For 2015, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame museum. AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is a fundraiser for the facility, which houses the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and other thematic exhibits that celebrate motorcycling’s heritage.