Serious off-roaders are well aware of KLIM and the quality riding gear it manufactures. Well, on June 27th KLIM wants to start off the summer riding season with a fun event on some pristine single-track in the Big Hole Mountain trail system in the Caribou Targhee National Forest of Southeast Idaho. Aside from a great day of riding, participants will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, including Cody Webb’s MAXXIS SuperEnduro World Championship KTM Race Bike. Even better is the face that proceeds from the event will be donated to trail advocacy groups (including BlueRibbon Coalition, ORBA and Idaho Falls Trail Machine Association) to support their efforts to keep trails open for off-road riding.

Guided by maps and GPS tracks, riders in this event will have the chance to ride the same trails that KLIM uses to develop its riding gear. The goal is to collect Cow Tags to be used to get additional raffle tickets. Each Cow Tag is worth a varying number of tickets, with the closest and less-challenging tags worth fewer tickets than the tags posted at more challenging or more distant locations. The challenge for riders is to work out a plan that combines the right number of easy pickings with the more remote and time consuming Cow Tags. The tag numbers must be recorded, and a photo of the rider with the Cow Tag must be taken.

Event registration closes June 1st, 2015. So, time is running out. The event costs $75. Entrants receive a Cow Tag Off-Road Ride event t-shirt plus two drawing tickets for the Cody Webb bike raffle which is a separate drawing from the others at the event. (More can be purchased at the event or online.) KLIM athlete and National EnduroCross Champion Cody Webb will be present to raffle off his bike. After the day’s ride collecting tags, the riders, themselves, will get to choose which raffle items they want to submit their valuable tickets to enter. Very cool.

The requirements for the event are simple:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Use a U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor and pass a 96 dB sound test (Half-Meter SAEJ1287).
  • Display off-road registration to ride on Idaho trails (Idaho reciprocates other state’s off-road registrations).
  • Ride only two-wheeled vehicles.
  • Ride respectfully. The event is to support those who support off-road riding.

The event location is:

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort
5488 Kelly Canyon Rd, Ririe, ID 83443

Here riders will sign in and check back in with their Cow Tag collection after the ride. A list of suggested accommodations can be found at

For more information visit the event page at