Responding to the harsh criticisms levied upon him by Claudio Quintarelli of QB Racing, Team Hero EBR World Superbike Team Manager, Larry Pegram, issued this statement below:

Pegram Racing would like to make a brief statement on the inflammatory and false release distributed by Mr. Claudio Quintarelli of QB racing. Although it is not our intent to start conversation, only to make a statement and be done.

Pegram Racing was hired by EBR to turn around the dismal performances of the previous year’s team. We did this and were accomplishing great things this season. All involved, including Mr.Quintarelli (who coordinated travel, shipping, and hospitality), were doing a great job.

Unfortunately EBR filed for bankruptcy and we all are now experiencing great loss. None more than the dedicated employees of EBR and Pegram Racing. Our concerns are with all who are now struggling from this, including the Pegram Racing crew and EBR staff. To try to make accusations or assess blame is useless as Pegram Racing would be racing this weekend and the remainder of the season if not for the bankruptcy of EBR.

Pegram Racing would also like to say that only property of Pegram Racing and or property that they were responsible for, was returned to the USA. Nothing of Mr.Quintarelli’s was removed. We again want to thank all involved with the team this year as the failure to continue was certainly not from anyone’s lack of hard work, only the financial decisions of EBR and Hero Motor Corp.