KTM is recalling the 2015 690 Enduro R because the rear brake lines may get damaged from contact with the crankcase ventilation hose clamp.

The brake lines should be safely tucked against the Enduro R’s frame and away from any parts that can damage it. Due to a manufacturing error, however, the ends of the spring clamp on the base of the crankcase ventilation hose (the thick black hose running down behind the label on the frame in the picture below) may point towards the brake line running between the ABS pressure modulator to the foot brake cylinder (i.e. the hose running along the frame).


The brake line may get damaged by the vibration or contact with the clamp, resulting in a loss of rear brake function.

The problem was first detected in February after a quality control inspection at KTM’s factory. A subsequent investigation determined the cause and the extent of the problem, leading to the decision to initiate a recall.

KTM dealers will inspect all recalled motorcycles and, if necessary, align the crankcase ventilation hose spring clamp so that its ends point away from the brake line and toward the starter motor. Dealers will also replace the ABS brake line if it shows signs of damage. The recall affects 409 units in the U.S.

[Source: NHTSA, pictures by KTM]