Here is Thomas Tomczyk’s crazy idea: to ride his Zero S from Philadelphia to Patagonia. Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but nobody has done it before, hence why Tomczyk is aiming to be the first to achieve the accomplishment.

There’s a reason why a ride like this hasn’t been attempted before: it takes patience and perseverance to overcome the challenges of going gas-free. Considering Tomczyk only has approximately 100 miles of range aboard his 2012 Zero, his plan is to take his time – he doesn’t really have a choice. He’ll make two to three stops per day to charge, and is aiming to cover about 150 miles per day. He left for his journey on April 1, with a goal of reaching the Andes mountains sometime in July 2015.

If you’d like to catch him while he’s still in the States, here’s his upcoming schedule:

  • May 2-4: Houston/Austin, TX
  • May 5: Corpus Christi, TX
  • May 6: Brownsville, TX

Otherwise, you can track Tomczyk’s progress via the Electric Powered Odyssey website, Facebook, or Twitter.