With the MotoGP circus making its way to Jerez this weekend to begin the European swing of the championship, Brembo has released this infographic with some interesting details, as almost every MotoGP machine is running a Brembo braking system.

Brembo notes that the track is one the MotoGP drivers’ favorites with points which favor overtaking. The “hops” caused by the undulations of the asphalt, require a well-balanced, easy to handle motorcycle, which is stable when braked to be able to attack in the faster curves. The track is characterized by two very demanding cutouts (Turns 1 and 6) characterized by deceleration greater than -1.6 g and one of the most demanding in the work for the braking systems.

Throughout a lap, the riders will spend 23% of their time braking, and over the course of a race, 6.7kWh of energy will be produced. To view the rest of the facts, click on the image below.