For cruiser owners with big V-Twin motorcycles, Bel-Ray has introduced a transmission oil specifically for you.

Bel-Ray’s Big Twin Transmission Oil is formulated for sliding contacts of spiral bevel gears in differentials and transmissions of V-Twin motorcycles. Bel-Ray’s multi-grade transmission oil provides riders with significantly smoother shifting action and quieter gear engagement than competing oils on the market. Its advanced proprietary additives minimize friction and protect costly gear components from the destructive effects of shock loading.

In conjunction with its proprietary additives, Bel-Ray’s high quality index base oils also provide advanced oxidation protection and help to maintain film strength over a wide temperature range for unmatched protection and performance, even under high temperatures.

“When we first developed our Big Twin Transmission Oil, we set out to create a product that transforms those notoriously rough shifting V-Twin transmissions,” said Andrew Hodges, Bel-Ray’s R&D Product Line Manager. “After years of testing and development, we succeeded in engineering a transmission oil that does that and more. Not only does it offer dramatically smoother shifting and engagement, it also helps maximize horsepower.”

Bel-Ray’s Big Twin Transmission Oil is suited for use in all V-Twin transmissions, including Harley-Davidson. It is formulated in a distinctive red color to help riders with early detection of transmission leaks, and is available in 85W-140 viscosity with an API GL-5 rating. Big Twin Transmission Oil is available in one-liter bottles, which can be purchased both individually and in cases of 12.

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