This week Don Mahoney and partner Lars Roulund owners of of High End Seating Solutions (HESS) acquired the AIRHAWK Comfort Seating Systems brand and its product line. This pairing appears to be a natural marriage since both companies deal with providing comfortable perches for motorcyclists’ hind parts. In fact, HESS has been incorporating AIRHAWK’s air-cushion technology in its high-end Danny Gray seats’ designs since 2011.

Known for providing an extremely comfortable ride on long rides – claimed to be more comfortable than foam or gel – AIRHAWK pads were mounted on top of the motorcycle seat while the Danny Gray seats used them internally. Said Mahoney of the joining of the brands, “The integration of these two quality brands will ultimately benefit our customers by offering even more advances in quality, comfortable seating.”

Tom Borcherding, president of the previous AIRHAWK owner company, ROHO, Inc., explained: “There are so many opportunities in the motorcycle and transportation markets, and placing AIRHAWK in the hands of Don, Lars and their team will make AIRHAWK more accessible to customers, and will allow our ROHO team to focus on the medical industry.”

The two companies are working together during the transition of manufacturing to California to ensure that riders will have access to AIRHAWK products throughout the 2015 riding season. AIRHAWK’s operation in the Santa Ana, California location will begin in June.