The story is as old as the keyed ignition switches on motorcycles: while you’re out riding your motorcycle, the other keys attached to your key ring are rattling around on your triple clamp and damaging one of the most visible spots on your bike. While lots of people simply keep their motorcycle key separate from their other keys, the developer of KodaKey came up with a clever idea. Why not create a leather jacket for your keys?

Most riders have a black leather jacket, so wrapping a key chain in leather fits stylistically. The KodaKey features a magnetic snap to make the holder almost self-closing. Your key chain will fit more compactly in your pocket, too.

Go to KodaKey’s website to take a look at the product. If you like it, order one on eBay for $9.95. You can even support the endeavor by paying in to the KodaKey Kickstarter fundraiser when it begins.