As part of its global “For The Ride” brand slogan positioning, Triumph is rolling out new 30- and 60-second national television commercials dubbed, “Voices.” The essence of the commercials is to reaffirm and remind the audience of the classic nostalgia, timelessness and pure riding spirit the Triumph brand evokes.

“For The Ride” and the current accompanying television, print and digital campaign surrounding the “Voices” spots, convey a universal motorcycling truth – the farther you ride, the softer the everyday voices and noises in your head become; the more miles logged, the freer you become from the daily grind. This truth connects to a wide audience of motorcycle enthusiasts and non-motorcyclists and is as relevant today as it will be in 25 years.

“Triumph’s last television campaign was in 2013, and we’re excited to be back on national networks connecting with a wide audience of riders and non-riders alike,” said Matt Sheahan, Chief Operating Officer for Triumph Motorcycles America. “Triumph is an iconic brand with a unique voice, and that spirit, character and soul are captured in the creative of this campaign.”

The “Voices” commercial begins in the streets of Los Angeles, Calif., and closes on an open, expansive salt flats, signifying the historical ties of the Bonneville motorcycle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where the bike earned its namesake. You can see the video below.