Children of fathers who pre-ordered Kawasaki Ninja H2s shouldn’t expect daddy to be around Easter morning because he’ll likely be out riding his big, green, super fast H2 Easter egg. Yes, one of the most hyped bikes of year has finally arrived, and owners will be taking possession of their very own super-charged superbikes this week. Deliveries of the Ninja H2R will begin later in April.

Unveiled in Europe last fall, orders for the Ninja H2, and its track-only counterpart were taken in December 2014. The bikes are built to order in a special facility at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., in Japan. With the first production run completed, the bikes have been shipped to its network of U.S. dealers to be collected by very fortunate customers.

In related news, the majority of less fortunate motorcycle enthusiasts lacking the $25k with which to purchase an H2 are jealously awaiting the first Youtube video of someone crashing an H2.