Some might not consider three-wheelers as motorcycles, but they are classified as such under the eyes of the law. It’s with this premise that we celebrate 20 years of a three-wheeler that was a pioneer in its field. It’s hard to believe the Campagna T-Rex has been around for 20 years, but the Canadian-built roadster has soldiered on, carving its own niche despite doubters wondering how it could possibly last. Delivering an exhilarating driving experience by combining sportscar driving dynamics with motorcycle-based engines, the T-Rex gets attention wherever it goes.

In honor of its 20 years, Campagna is releasing short teaser videos, the first of which is a brief throwback to the very beginning of Campagna and the T-Rex. The videos will run through the week, with what we assume will be a special surprise in the final video to commemorate the occasion. Here now is video one.

(EN) Campagna T-REX 20th Anniversary – Archives from Campagna Motors on Vimeo.