A new trademark application for a “Royal Enfield Himalayan” popped up on the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market today, suggesting a new model from the Indian manufacturer. As is the case with most trademark filings, few specific details are available, but with a name like “Himalayan,” it’d be difficult to envision anything but an adventure bike.

Indian site Bikeportal.in initially posted a report in October that Royal Enfield was working an adventure-tourer, which would be the company’s first in the trendy segment. Even more interestingly, Bikeportal.in reports the ADV will be the first to debut Royal Enfield’s new 385cc engine which may replace the company’s current 350cc engine which powers the Thunderbird 350, Classic 350 and Bullet 350.

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The new trademark filing seems to support Bikeportal.in’s report, nothing is certain until we actually see a new motorcycle. The trademark filing itself lends the name “Royal Enfield Himalayan” to a number of uses. Beyond using it for a motorcycle, the trademark would also allow it to be applied to trikes, automobiles and various vehicle components, as well as helmets, goggles, clothing and other uses.

[Source: OHIM, Bikeportal.in]