The story of German motorcycle brand Horex may not be over yet, as the bankrupt company has been acquired by the 3C Carbon Group. The carbon fiber parts producer says it plans to resume production.

Horex filed for bankruptcy in September, just four years after the storied brand was revived in 2010 following 50 years of inactivity. The new company revealed an all-new Roadster model powered by a 1218cc VR6 engine (two banks of three cylinders arranged in a 15-degree V). The project was ambitious from the start, with initial plans calling for a supercharged engine.

The VR6 Roadster entered production in 2012, though plans for a supercharger were indefinitely shelved. A year later, Horex added a VR6 Classic variant, and in 2014, a limited edition Cafe Racer 33 Ltd. Horex was unable to stay afloat producing expensive models in small numbers, leading to the bankruptcy filings.

3C Carbon does have a history with motorcycles, entering a few World Superbike Championship races as wildcard entries in 2014 with riders Max Neukirchner, Lorenzo Lanzi and Xavi Flores. 3C Carbon says it will bring Horex models back to market as soon as possible, making fundamental improvements to the brand’s technology and organization. 3C says it will is also committed to producing spare parts for existing Horex VR6 customers.

[Source: 3C Carbon]