Chrissie Beavis, a champion rally competitor, understands the importance of protecting your hearing. Still, that doesn’t mean that she wants to carry earplugs around in a bulky case in her jeans pockets when she’s attending a motorsports event. While men don’t mind lumps in their jeans, women have better taste than that. So, she set out to create earplugs specifically designed for women. The result is EarAngels ear plugs for women who “love to live loud.”

Motorcycles And Hearing Loss

What separates EarAngels from other hearing protective devices is that they feature an integrated leash that attaches to both hook- and post-style earrings to ensure hearing protection is available when it’s needed. Yep, they dangle within easy reach when they’re needed. With motorcycles often registering above 100db, power tools 115db, and Formula 1 cars at full throttle hitting 147 db, you should be wearing ear plugs since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that hearing damage can begin with sustained exposure to levels as low as 90 decibels.


Ear plugs conveniently stored on your earrings.

“EarAngels is the solution for women like me,” said Beavis. “I race cars, I use power tools, and I love going to tracks to cheer on my friends – but the products out there never really worked for me. Conventional foam earplugs are too hard to use and I always drop or lose them, and earmuffs are bulky and catch my earrings.”

If you’re a woman or know a woman who loves motorsports, you’ll probably want to help Beavis make the final steps towards bringing her idea to market. She has begun a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the $5,800 the final test they need to officially certify EarAngels with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and allow them to reach a broader distribution network. Bevies has also set a stretch goal of $20,000 to bring multiple colors to market. Functionally, EarAngels are the equivalent of any quality ear plug, so men can use them, too. They just won’t be able to use the earring attachment unless they have both ears pierced.


If you don’t want to wait to buy a pair, you can order individual sets from Amazon:

To contribute to the EarAngels Kickstarter campaign head on over to the fundraising page before the March 3, 2015 deadline.