BuzzFeed, the site well known for distributing those cute cat videos we can’t help but watch when it pops up on our news feed, has surprised us with this one. BuzzFeed Yellow, the brand’s offshoot bringing us “short, fun, funny, and interesting” stories has produced a video on motorcycles. More specifically, a woman who races motorcycles, and is probably faster than you.

By day, Krystyna Kubran is a mechanical engineer, but in her free time she’s racing her Kawasaki ZX-10R with WERA, edging closer and closer towards the front each time she goes out. In this video, we get to know Kubran the woman and Kubran the racer. She explains what her experience has been like infiltrating a male-dominated sport, and what it feels like posting quicker lap times than a lot of the guys in the paddock. Ultimately, Kubran hopes to inspire today’s girls, tomorrow’s women, to not be afraid to chase their goals. Krystyna really is an interesting woman. Watch the video below to learn more about her.