Kawasaki‘s Motorcycle & Engine division reported sales of 397,000 units through the first three quarters of its fiscal year which ends March 31, 2015. This represents a 1.5% decrease from the 403,000 units sold in the same period in the previous fiscal year. The division’s numbers include primarily motorcycles but also include ATVs, UTVs, personal watercraft and general-purpose gasoline engines.

The slight decrease in sales volume made just a statistically minor dip in net sales which totaled ¥212.9 billion (US$1.8 billion) over three quarters. Kawasaki also reported a minor bump in operating income, reaching ¥4.1 billion (US$34.9 million) during the nine-month period.

Kawasaki attributes the results to decreased motorcycle sales in Latin America and Thailand which negated gains made in Indonesia and Europe. North American sales held even with last year’s results, staying at 60,000 units at the third quarter mark.

The fourth quarter promises improved results, with Kawasaki revising its year-end forecasts, now predicting ¥330.0 billion (US$2.81 billion) in net sales for the year, up from its earlier forecast of ¥320.0 billion. Kawasaki sites increased utility vehicle sales and changes to the exchange rate as reason for the revised forecast.

[Source: Kawasaki]