Yamaha revealed a new 155cc scooter called the NMAX. Produced in Indonesia, the NMAX will launch first in the Asian country in February before being brought to other markets, in Asia as well as more developed markets. It’s unclear, however, whether that would include North America, though it’s worth noting that Yamaha has filed for a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the name NMAX.

The NMAX is powered by a liquid-cooled 155cc Single developed under Yamaha’s Blue Core concept. Previously exemplified on the Mio 125 scooter and 149cc FZ-S motorcycle, the Blue Core engines seek to balance performance and fuel efficiency, following the mantra of “Every Drop for Every Moment”. The NMAX’s engine uses Variable Valve Actuation technology and is designed for optimizing combustion while reducing power loss.

Visually, the NMAX slots right into Yamaha’s other “MAX” scooters, the 530cc TMAX and the XMAX (offered with 400cc, 250cc and 125cc engines). The NMAX uses a lightweight and high-rigidity frame, 13-inch wheels and, in a first for scooters in the ASEAN market, anti-lock brakes.

The Yamaha NMAX will retail in Indonesia for 27,400,400 rupiah (US$2,200). Yamaha plans to produce 12,000 units in its full year of production.

[Source: Yamaha]