Blue Monkey Motorsports, Inc. has announced that it is the exclusive North American Importer/Distributor for HealTech Electronics and has released information about Healtech’s newest product, the Quick Shifter Easy. Blue Monkey claims that the Quick Shifter Easy brings MotoGP technology to the masses while beating the price of similar units.

HealTech Quick Shifter Easy sensor

The strain gauge sends the shifting signal to the unit so it can work its magic.

The QSE cuts out the ignition rather than killing the fuel supply, yielding smoother shifts. The stand alone unit utilizes a strain gauge sensor to determine when pressure is applied to the shifter. Since there are no moving parts, the sensor can be used in both standard and reverse shift applications – unlike some other applications that require different parts for shift direction. Each bike uses its own model-specific wiring harness. Consequently, the OEM harness doesn’t need to be cut. The length of the cutout can be tuned based on rpm via a Bluetooth interface and an Android or PC controller app (no iOS, yet), allowing for use at a variety of engine speeds. Additionally, there are unlimited stored settings, meaning that the unit can be swapped from bike-to-bike. (Of course, each bike would need its own harness to connect to the unit.)

A quick perusal of the QSE compatibility list on the HealTech web site showed fitment options for bikes as old as 1999! Now, riders with older motorcycles can enjoy clutch-free full-throttle upshifts like the folks with current generation bikes.

HealTech Quick Shifter Easy Kit

The Quick Shifter Easy includes a model-specific wiring harness for the ignition cut out.

Since the QSE is a stand alone unit, riders don’t have to pay for features they don’t need, and the $290 price should offer plenty of bang for the buck. All QSEs include Healtech’s 30 day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty.

For more information, visit the Blue Monkey Motorsports web site.