KTM reported a new company record with 158,760 motorcycles sold in 2014. This represents the fourth consecutive record-setting year for KTM and a 28.2% increase on 2013’s sales, leading KTM to proclaim itself the world’s fastest-growing motorcycle brand.

The record number includes Husqvarna motorcycles but the bulk of the sales were for KTM-branded bikes. KTM didn’t specify exactly how many Husqvarna motorcycles were sold, but even if you include just KTM models, the orange brand will still likely eclipse BMW‘s figure of 123,495 motorcycles sold in 2014. Ducati also set a new company sales record while Triumph also reported a banner year since the company’s modern revival, making 2014 a pretty good year for the European brands, though we still await figures from MV Agusta and Piaggio.

The record sales generated €864.6 million (US$973.9 million) in revenue, a 20.7% increase on 2013’s sales revenue. Earnings before interest and taxes are expected to reach €75 million (US$84.4 million).

[Source: KTM]