Yamaha R1M

The 2015 Yamaha R1 is littered with numerous amounts of MotoGP tech and fascinating breakthroughs. So much so, we named it the bike we at MO are most anxious to ride. However, when it comes to outrageous, possibly game-changing sportbikes, Yamaha has firmly placed at least one hand on that title with the R1M.

Taking the MotoGP-inspired tech like slide control, variable traction control, and lift control, to another level, the R1M comes equipped with electronic suspension and communication control unit. The latter, working in conjunction with a GPS antenna, records running data like lap times and track mapping, giving you the ability to download the information later and make changes to the R1M directly from an Android or iOS app.

The amount of tech on the new R1m is so great, Yamaha made a video, featuring a guest appearance from 4-time AMA Superbike champion, Josh Hayes, highlighting each of the bike’s features. Check it out below to learn all there is to know about the new R1M.