Folks, check out the photo above. What do you see? If you guessed a plate with four screws covering a hole in a piston, it’d be a crazy guess… and you’d be absolutely right! From the occasionally wonderful resource that is Reddit, comes this photo of a Suzuki GT750 “Water Buffalo” engine, obviously disassembled. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about the owner or the bike, other than this picture was originally from a Dutch motorcycle forum.

The repair is undoubtedly asinine, however, judging by the carbon buildup on the piston it appears as though the bike actually ran after this “fix.” For how long, how well or how far is still a mystery, but “ZZrenz,” the Reddit poster, claims a new owner had brought the bike in to this shop shortly after purchasing it, leading us to believe the previous owner went to dangerous levels of frugality in order to patch the bike up just enough to sell it to an unsuspecting new owner.

Being cheap is one thing. This? There are no words.