Polaris is recalling 2,342 Victory motorcycles because a manufacturing error may cause their fuel pumps to seize. The recall campaign affects the 2013 Hardball, 2013-2014 Cross Country, Cross Roads, Hammer 8-Ball, High Ball, Jackpot, Vegas 8-ball, 2014 Cross Country 8-Ball, Cross Roads 8-Ball and Ness Cross Country and the 2015 Gunner.

According to documents from Polaris released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fuel pumps on the affected motorcycles may have been crimped with the incorrect amount of force. This problem may cause a fuel pump to seize and cause an engine to stall.

Polaris says it noticed a higher than normal fuel pump failure rate in its warranty data including complaints about stalling. The first claim was made in April 2014 and by October, Polaris had received a total of 16 claims that appear to be related. Polaris contacted the part vendor in June to determine the cause of the problem. Data collected from the vendor correlated with Polaris’ own data and by Dec. 29, the company decided to initiate a recall.

Victory dealers will replace the fuel pumps on affected machines with a new pump that was subjected to the correct amount of crimping force.

[Source: NHTSA]