The artists of Yamaha‘s Paper Craft team has revealed another stunning origami diorama, this time celebrating rally racing. As with other Paper Craft models, the rally display is made entirely out of paper and Yamaha is releasing full printable templates and instructions for people to make their own displays. The Dakar Paper Craft is the second in a series of elaborate racing displays following last year’s paper diorama commemorating Valentino Rossi‘s iconic pass on Casey Stoner on Laguna Seca‘s Corkscrew during the 2008 U.S. Grand Prix.


Revealed just before the start of the 2015 Dakar Rally, the new Paper Crafts project features Stephane Peterhansel‘s 1995 Paris-Dakar Rally-winning XT850R and last year’s Yamaha rally racer, the 2014 YZ450F with Cyril Despres (Yamaha doesn’t specifically name either rider on the Paper Crafts page, but the racing numbers on both bikes.

In many ways, the rally display is more impressive than last year’s diorama, not just because it uses two motorcycles and riders, but in the intricacies involved in creating them. The Paper Craft team took few shortcuts, recreating nearly every single part of the bikes, including a full frame.


The tires are incredibly detailed with an individual piece of paper used for each row of knobs, while the wheels are made of 14 individual spoke pieces. Even the hand grips are separate pieces from the handlebar itself.


As of this writing, Yamaha has only released the printouts and instructions for the YZ450F and its rider but the other components for the display will be released later. If any reader out there has steady hands, loads of patience and access to good quality A4 paper, give this Paper Craft project a shot and tell us how it goes.

[Source: Yamaha]