The latest player in the airbag protection game, Helite is a global brand making its first foray into the U.S. market, and it’s doing so in full force, offering its full line of airbag vests and jackets to U.S. riders. With an 80 millisecond deployment time, Helite claims it is the quickest mechanical airbag system in the world.

Upon activation, the airbag system forms a rigid cocoon from the base of the helmet down to the kidneys and lower torso. The neck and head are fully supported, greatly reducing the risk of serious injury in those areas. Core stabilization means collarbone and rib injuries are also greatly reduced. The bag begins to deflate automatically and can be re-used with a simple replacement of the CO2 canister.

The airbag utilizes a tethered mechanical trigger to activate and works without any electronics or devices installed on the motorcycle. Riders can step off of one bike, tether to another bike and continue riding in safety. The trigger requires 60 pounds of force to activate, making accidental deployments nearly impossible. The simplicity of the mechanical trigger achieves maximum reliability at an affordable cost.

Every Helite product is backed by a lifetime warranty and full factory support. For more information, visit the Helite website.