December 19, 2014
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BMW Announces US Prices for New 2015/2016 Models

BMW Motorrad USA announced pricing and availability for the new models revealed at Intermot and EICMA. The updated F800R, R1200R and S1000RR will launch early next year as 2015 models. The all-new R1200RS and S1000XR will arrive later in the year as early 2016 models.

2015 BMW F800R – $9,950

The new F800R roadster brings with it a $650 price drop from the last generation model while adding automatic stability control (ASC), an on-board computer and heated grips. Those three items were previously offered as options with a combined value of $945, so those who waited for the 2015 model will be getting more for their money.

And that’s before you consider the updates to the 2015 model. Besides the visual makeover (including a new symmetric headlight), the new F800R receives upside-down forks, radial-mount brake calipers, lighter wheels, shorter gear ratios and an engine upgrade claiming a 3hp increase over the previous model to 90 hp at 8000 rpm.

The $9,950 base price is for the Light White and Light White/Black Satin Gloss color options; the Racing Blue Metallic Matt/Light White and Racing Blue Metallic Matt/Black Satin Gloss options add $100 to the price. BMW also offers a number of add-ons including the $295 Dynamic Package which includes an LED rear light, engine spoiler and passenger seat cover.

2015 BMW R1200R – $13,950

The 2015 R1200R sees a price drop of $150 from the previous generation to $13,950 for the base model, with the previously-optional ASC, two ride modes and on-board computer now standard equipment (those three items would have cost $795 on their own last year.)

For 2015, the roadster gets the air and water-cooled boxer engine that debuted on the R1200GS; BMW claims the new R1200R gets 125 hp and 92 lb-ft. compared to 110 hp and 88 lb-ft. from the old air-cooled model while seeing fuel economy improve by 3 mpg to 60 mpg. The R1200R also swaps out the old model’s telelever suspension for upside-down telescopic forks.

BMW will offer two upgrade packages for the R1200R. The Standard package ($15,250) adds GPS preparation, a chrome exhaust, heated grips, cruise control, saddle bag mounts and the Headlight Pro with LED daytime running lights. Another step up is the $16,995 Premium package which includes the Standard items plus keyless ride, gear shift assist, dynamic ESA, center stand and luggage rack.

The 2015 R1200R will be offered in Cordoba Blue. For an extra $500, you can get the Light White style with red frame, gold calipers, tank cover and a sport windshield or for $300 you can get the Thunder Grey Met option with gray frame, gold calipers and tank cover.

2015 BMW S1000RR – $15,500

The new S1000RR gets a $50 price bump to $15,500 for the base model, which also sees new styling, a 6 hp upgrade to a claimed 199 hp, a new multifunction display, ASC and a claimed 8.8 pounds of weight savings.

But if you want the tricked-out Premium package as tested in Tom Roderick’s review, you’re looking at a $18,995 price tag. That upgrade includes forged wheels, dynamic traction control, upgraded ride mode options, Gear Shift Assist Pro, cruise control, dynamic damping control and heated grips. In between is the Standard package ($16,795) which adds Gear Shift Assist Pro, heated grips dynamic traction control, improved ride modes and cruise control.

The 2015 S1000RR will be offered in Black Storm Metallic, Racing Red/Light White (+$250) or BMW Motorsport (+$600).

2016 BMW R1200RS – $14,950

At $14,950 for the base model, the R1200RS costs a grand more than the naked R. The extra dough gets you the half-fairing with an adjustable windscreen, making the RS better suited for sport-touring duties. The $16,150 Standard package adds a chrome exhaust, heated grips, cruise control, GPS preparation and saddle bag mounts while the $17,895 also adds keyless ride, gear shift assist, dynamic ESA, center stand and a luggage rack.

The base model RS will be offered in Lupin Blue/Light Grey Metallic but for $425 you can get the Granite Grey Metallic with grey frame, gold calipers, tank cover and engine spoiler.

2016 BMW S1000XR – $16,350

The adventure-styled S1000XR combines the engine of the S1000RR with the upright ergos of the R1200GS. It comes standard with ASC, two ride modes, upside-down forks, radial-mount brakes, anti-hop clutch, LED taillight and adjustable windshield.

For $17,295, BMW offers the Standard package, adding GPS preparation, heated grips, cruise control and saddle bag mounts. For $18,750, you can get the Premium package which offers everything in the Standard package, dynamic ESA, center stand, luggage rack, additional ride modes and dynamic traction control.

The S1000XR will be available in Racing Red or Light White.

[Source: BMW]