1ahVtx60296_r_1Though it’s only a small motorcycle apparel business located in Bailey, Colorado, Missing Link has announced it will be offering direct-to-consumer wholesale pricing of up to 50% off through the end of 2014 on a majority of their items, including top sellers like the Ladies G2 D.O.C Reversible Leather Safety vest, the Black Ops Conceal Carry vest and the Military Duty Reversible Nylon vest.

“At a time when some Americans are still struggling to get by, we see other segments enjoying record earnings and their executives receiving huge year-end bonuses. This made us decide it was time to give the average Joes a break.” said co-owner Ken Boenish.  “We know things are still tough out there so we decided to give them a break of our own and offer wholesale pricing on many of our most popular items.  It’s our way of saying thanks to working men and women who love to ride. We are committing to this new lower pricing structure at least through the end of 2014,” Mr. Boenish continued.

Missing Link’s focus is on rider safety and comfort with an emphasis on improving the visibility of riders to other motorists. The company has introduced innovative products to motorcycle enthusiasts, like reversible (leather to Hi-Viz) riding vests, Hi-Viz palmed gloves and ArmPro Compression Sleeves with SPF50. For more information on Missing Link Apparel, or to purchase direct, visit www.MissingLnk.com.