Help Fund Motorcycle Jeans Approved By Keanu Reeves + Video

Maple Motorcycle Jeans is a high-end, niche denim company from England looking to marry the worlds of selvedge denim and motorcycle denim, and do it at a cost that’s within the reach of a much larger audience. The solution is cutting out the middleman and selling direct to consumer at wholesale prices. With your help funding Maple Motorcycle’s Kickstarter project, that dream can happen.

These selvedge denim jeans, sold at wholesale, cost just a fraction of the cost of other premium British denim brands. But what’s really interesting is that Maple also make these fashion forward jeans with kevlar lining for bikers not wanting to carry around heavy leathers all day. 

Maple already produces a line of fashion jeans, but this project is aimed towards motorcyclists. Maple’s founder, Dave Fairbairn, a fellow motorcyclist, was bored of commuting into London each day and arriving at work in clothes he had to immediately change out of. He wanted something that was durable, practical, safe but that also looked good.

So he teamed up with another denim serious head and former Puma creative designer – who was part of the team to design the Moto GP suit. They are actually the clothing line chosen by Keanu Reeves for his new KRGT-1 advertising campaign.

Maple’s initial goal of £30,000 has already been met, but increased funding will help the team achieve greater things. But instead of me explaining the jeans and the concept, here’s Fairbairn to explain it himself. More details can be found at Maple’s Kickstarter page. The donation period ends Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 3:59pm PST.