A Simple Revision Makes Speedway Shelters Much Better

Speedway Shelters is an innovative form of motorcycle storage and protection. Comprised of a retracting structure with a weather resistant canopy, you simply open the structure, ride the bike inside, and close the structure again. Now, however, the engineers at Speedway Shelters have made a simple, yet impactful revision to the popular shelter.

By using a new arched design on the top three cross members, the Speedway Shelter will shed rain, snow, and anything that comes down in a much more efficient manner. In addition to external aspect and functionality of the design, it will also allow for more internal clearance facilitating even higher windshields, handlebars, and mirror heights when the bike is parked in the unit.

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in two sizes: the Standard/Sport Model and the Specialized Touring Model. Between the two sizes, there should be one to suit any number of motorcycles, from sportbikes to touring cruisers. 

If you’re in the Chicago area this weekend, Speedway Shelters will be a part of the upcoming Dealernews Expo at the McCormick Place West Convention Center, booth #862. Check out the shelters in person to see the features they provide up close and personal.

For more information, visit www.speedwayshelters.com.