With the sudden explosion of small-displacement motorcycle options in recent years in the 250cc to 400cc range, it’s easy to forget that there is a market for even smaller models. Honda hasn’t forgotten though, introducing the new 2015 CB125F for the European market.

The CB125F replaces the CBF125, bringing new styling along the lines of its larger siblings the CB300F and CB500F with its multi-reflector headlight and angular side body panels. The CB125F is designed for urban commuting and beginner friendliness, with low- to mid-range torque delivery and a light curb weight of 282 pounds.


The changes are more than just the styling however. The CB125F uses an all-new steel frame and 18-inch wheels replacing the CBF125F’s 17-inch rims. The steering rake increased from 25.55° to 26° while the trail lengthened 0.3 inches to 3.8 inches. The CB125F is also lower than its predecessor, with a seat height of 30.5 inches compared to 31.2 inches.

A 31mm telescopic fork and dual rear shocks with 5-step preload adjustability provides suspension duties while the braking system is comprised of a two-piston caliper on a 240mm disc up front and a 130mm drum at the back.


Honda modified the air-cooled fuel-injected 124.7cc engine with a new cylinder head. The revised engine sees a 6% drop in power, with Honda claiming 10.5 hp at 7750 rpm. Torque output saw a 9% drop, now topping out at 8.3 lb-ft. at 6250 rpm. Honda also added a balancer shaft so the new engine should be less vibey than the previous one. Honda claims fuel economy of 120.6 mpg, which would be a range of about 414 miles on a full tank of gas.

[Source: Honda]