Bike Systems, makers of the latest trend to hit motorcycling, the head’s up display, have successfully turned to crowdsourcing to help fund the first version of the BikeHUD. Now, however, the company needs our help again to build BikeHUD version 2.0 and it’s turning to Kickstarter for funding assistance.

Traditionally, to absorb all the information your motorcycle is telling you, it would require looking down at the gauges or listening to a Bluetooth communicator. With the BikeHUD system, the small, head’s up display acts as your gauge cluster, transmitting the same information you’d normally turn your head down for directly in front of you. Most importantly, this means you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

BikeHUD can display speed, rpm, gear position, fuel level, and on v2.0, even GPS directions. The system has been designed to fit on any motorcycle with a 12v outlet, and on almost any kind of helmet (via custom mounts), on either left or right side. With one cable it connects to an onboard computer and GPS unit already installed on the motorcycle. To adjust the view or change the menu, a simple four-button keyboard is mounted to the handlebar, accessible even with gloved hands.

BikeHUD is great for both street and track riders alike, offering the latter set the ability to view their lap time, split sector times and a session countdown timer, among many other options. Software for the BikeHUD is meant to be futureproof, with free software updates available to customers. And if one version gets outdated, BikeHUD will offer a buy-back option to upgrade to the latest model.

There is much more the BikeHUD can do, so for more information, including ways you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, visit the BikeHUD website.