S&S has introduced the T143, its most advanced engine yet. At 143 cubic inches (2343cc), S&S calls it the “biggest, baddest” engine that’s a direct bolt-in on 2008 and later Harley-Davidson Touring models.

Says S&S, “The B3 heads were designed specifically for this engine, optimally locating the intake and exhaust ports while still providing the correct flow. The contour of the rocker boxes has been addressed to clear the frame. A proprietary 70mm [throttle body] and Stealth air cleaner have been designed for this monster to allow it to breathe. We’ve even given some thought to the smile that it is going to be put on your face when you twist the throttle.”

On the dyno, S&S says the T143 puts out 162 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque at the wheel. That’s some serious power no matter what it’s bolted to. The S&S Facebook page shows a teaser video of an upcoming project bike dubbed “Project Dragon” featuring a H-D Road Glide, the T143, and mentions of sponsors including Ohlins, Brock’s Performance, T-Man Performance, Pingel and Rivera Primo. This most certainly points to a tricked out Road Glide dragster, maybe even capable of a 9-second quarter mile.

Interestingly, S&S has a disclaimer at the bottom of its website stating, “This is an ultra performance/race engine. Longevity, engine noise, vibration and throttle sensitivity have all been comprised to reach this level of performance while fitting in a stock chassis and as such is not suitable for every situation. This product is intended only for closed course competition use and is not legal for sale or use on CA or EPA pollution controlled vehicles.”

The bike will debut at Advanstar’s Dealer Expo in Chicago December 5-7. For more information, check out the S&S website.