Matchless, the former British manufacturer who built motorcycles from 1899 until 1966, has released this image of the Model X Reloaded, the bike it will be officially unveiling at EICMA 2014 next week.

We first covered the return of Matchless in this post from September, but at the time the only images we had of the new Model X were artist renderings. Here, we clearly see what looks to be a finished bike, which also looks remarkably identical to the renderings.

Powered by a 1916cc S&S V-Twin, maybe the more newsworthy feature of the Model X is the amount of adjustability built into the bike. Matchless says the Model X comes with “two separate beacons” (twin headlights), each of which are adjustable along a vertical plane for optimum lighting, depending on conditions. From there, the bars can be adjusted vertically, while the grips themselves can further move vertically or horizontally. The seat is also adjustable in a vertical plane, and the rider has the option to use forward footrests or a more neutral placement straight down.

Further details about the Model X Reloaded will be made available at EICMA.