As far as motorcycle rallies go, the KTM Adventure Rally is the furthest thing from Sturgis you can find. Instead of cruisers, you have adventure bikes. And instead of cruising the boulevard looking for your next tattoo, you’re looking for the next gravel road or obstacle to overcome. For 2014, KTM held its 11th annual Adventure Rally in Taos Ski Valey, New Mexico, where participants can indulge themselves in any and all things adventure riding.

KTM brought out some of its factory riders like Mike Lafferty, Russell Bobbitt, Chris Fillmore and Andrew Short to tag along for the multi-day event. Meanwhile rally goers were treated to numerous vendor booths, and riding seminars to teach them to handle the rigors of adventure riding. Of course, the main event throughout the rally was the riding, and each day the riders were exposed to over 100 miles of adventure riding bliss. Some days, the ride even topped 200 miles. Check out the video below to see exactly what went down.